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It's important to remember that very rarely are two cleaning projects ever the same.This means it can be tricky to provide a precise quote without first undertaking a survey of the areas requiring cleaning. However, we are more than happy to give telephone estimates based on the information that you provide us with.


When enquiring about cost it is helpful to us if you have the following information available:



Number of rooms to be cleaned


Approximate room sizes


Number of stairs to be cleaned


Any Staining or Spillages?


Fabric or Leather? (Upholstery)



We will double check that our telephone estimates are accurate before we start your clean. Changes to these quotes are rare - only significantly bigger areas or stubborn staining can affect the cost.



Please note: There is a minimum job charge of £59.40 (including VAT).



For more information please call us today on 01394 470650  or send us an email.

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